Teaching Union: NASUWT - The Teachers’ Union


Support the Stand #UpForSchool campaign that seeks to increase to increase funding for education in areas suffering from conflict and other emergency situations.  

As part of their Reclaim the Promise campaign NASUWT: Oppose for-profit schools and

non-qualified teachers being able to teach, seek to guarantee every young person should be guaranteed a place at school of college.

Want the government to consider investment in education to be a key priority.

They also support ant-child poverty campaigns and believe that access to education should not be based on parents’ ability to pay.

Support a broad, balance and national curriculum.

Removing the barriers to achievement for SEN students

Part of the Stop TTIP campaign as they believe TTIP threatens education by allowing greater privatisation of the public sector.

Run a Stop Cyberbullying campaign that focusses on providing ongoing guidance and training for teachers. And promoting the sage and positive use of technology and the internet.


Various insurance offers for motors, health, home and travel.

Discounts to various attractions and services including theme parks and theatre.

Shopping and food and drink discount including department store and restaurant vouchers.


2nd largest with over 330,000 members consisting of professionals with school jobs as a head teachers, anyone who is contracted to teach, and student teachers studying to become teachers. 

Average Cost per Year: £166

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