Chernobyl Children's Life Line

Since 1986 when the nuclear power station exploded in Chernobyl, Ukraine and the neighbouring country Belarus has received over 70% of the radioactive fallout of this disaster. As a result the thousands of residents who are born into this radioactive environment develop fatal health problems like thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia.  


Chernobyl Children’s Life Line is a charity that combats the terrible consequences of radiation by helping children avoid the constantly increasing risk of health problems caused by the ongoing exposure. By taking them out of the affected areas to stay with families in different parts of the world, the children can improve their health, increase their lifespan and enjoy new areas and activities which they would otherwise never be able to do.


In August 2015, EduStaff helped finance one of these trips for ten children who live in affected parts of Belarus. Our Finance Manager Dan Culshaw and his family were actively involved in the project. For two weeks this summer they hosted two of the children in their own homes, and took them on group day trips with the other children to explore some of the attractions of North West of England. We are immensely proud of the work Dan put in and happy to be part of such an inspiring and meaningful project.


If you want to learn more about CCLL visit the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line website and find out how you can get involved with projects, donate or help by hosting the children in your own home. 

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