Learning Support Assistant Job Description

The role of a Learning Support Assistant will be utilised differently across primary and secondary schools, depending on the needs of the pupils. Most schools will employ a Learning Support Assistant to guide individual or small groups of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN), however some schools often define the role as akin to that of a Teaching Assistant.

The objectives of a Learning Support Assistant will differ according to the individual requirements of each pupil. The overall function is to support SEN pupils of varying statements through the academic, personal and behavioural elements of school life.

The tasks of a Learning Support Assistant will fluctuate, however typical responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting an SEN pupil on a 1:1 basis in the classroom
  • Providing targeted support outside of the classroom
  • Work on differentiated activities with groups of students
  • Liaise with the SENCO/Inclusion manager to deliver SEN provision
  • Developing social/emotional skills (depending on individual need)
  • Working with teachers to monitor progress of pupils
  • Accompanying pupils to relevant therapy sessions (depending on individual need)
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