Academic Mentors are used in number of ways by different schools, both primary and secondary, depending on their own tradition, pedagogical styles, requirements and long term vision. Often schools will have some pupils who are underperforming and some who are particularly academically gifted. The Academic Mentor position is usually set up to accommodate this latter group, though the specific scope of the role will be particular to the school.

Generally, however, as well as more general assistant duties, an Academic Mentor will be assigned to individual or small groups of pupils who are in danger of being under-stimulated by the general curriculum. Offering an extra, more academic avenue for teachers to utilise, this position enables gifted pupils to remain engaged and performing to the best of their abilities

Though no educational job description is canon, the duties of an Academic Mentor will generally include

  • Working on an individual or group basis with overachieving students
  • Identifying gifted pupils’ particular talents and encouraging their excellence
  • Identifying gifted and academically talented pupils
  • General class duties and lesson support work as and when required
  • Liaising closely with parents, teachers, and support staff

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