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How to write a graduate CV when you have no work experience

Graduates with no work experience! Increase your chances of gaining your first professional position.

Tips for Your First Role in SEN Education

The following tips will help you find your feet in your first role working with pupils who have Special Educational Needs.

Tips for a Primary Teaching Assistant

Thinking of becoming a Primary Teaching Assistant? These tips will help you get you to the top of your game.

Tips For IT TAs

Learn specific tactics for engaging student and ensuring the IT lessons runs smoothly.

Teachers: How to Make the Most of Your Teaching Assistant

Learn how to ensure your TA helping you as much as possible while helping them enjoy and learn from their experiences.

Helpful Advice for Your First Role Teaching MFL

These great tips will help you prepare for your first time in a modern foreign languages classroom.

5 Essential Tips for English Teaching Assistants

If you are a graduate beginning a career as an English Teacher, these tips will help you find your feet in your first role as an English TA.

Tips for Maths TAs

Worried about your first school role assisting in maths lessons? These 6 fantastic tips will help you prepare.

TA or LSA: Which One Are You

Teaching Assistant or Learning Support Assistant? Learn which role is right for you.

Teaching Assistants: What to Expect In You First Week

Over the last few years’ technology, policy have changed the face of our schools. This article will provide you with tips for preparing for your first job in a school.

3 Tips for Engaging Your Class

The 3 tips will keep your students occupied and focussed, and encourage them to think about the lesson in their own time.

Types of SEN Schools

if you are new to SEN understanding the differences between types of specialist SEN schools can be difficult. Below is a comprehensive explanation of the different SEN schools in the UK so you can fully understand the jobs you apply to.

3 Tips for Teaching Teenagers

Struggling with your teenage students? Here are 3 helpful tips that could help you increase engagement and improve your relationships with your students.

Tips For TAs

Starting your first school role? Learn how to make a good impression and get your teaching career off to a great start.

You find your vocation on the road you take to avoid it…

Becoming a teacher may be a daunting task, but a little bit of insight can make it seem a lot less of a mountain! Check out these hints and tips on the best ways to make your CV school-friendly.

EduStaff at: Brunel Jobs Fair!

EduStaff attended the Brunel Jobs Fair in October to let students know about our exciting Premier Pathways programme!

School Direct or PGCE?

Trying to decide between School Direct and PGCE? This article takes you through the pros and cons of the School Direct and PGCE routes so you can make the right decision for your future in education.

The Good Phone Call

A telephone interview is a usual starting point for a lot of companies. It is an opportunity for the employer to decide if they would like to invite the candidate in for a face-to-face interview.


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