Happy World Maths Day!

Today is World Maths Day, a day designated to all things mathematics, with 6 million children from 240 countries getting involved in a series of 60-second maths games. However despite participating in a day that’s all about maths numeracy is not our nation’s strongest, in fact 78% of adults are below the standard we expect from 16 year olds. National Numeracy is a charity that focusses on supporting the learning of numeracy essentials and using ‘simple maths in complex situations’. One of the few charities available to help overcome the nation’s maths problem, perhaps the answer is charities like this one that can help maintain numeracy skills they learnt as children into adulthood.  


Do you think maths learning is an issue in England? Or are we simply expecting too much of our 16 year olds if almost all adults are below their average? Share your thoughts about mathematics and World Maths Day on social media (#WorldMathsDay). 

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