Read&Write for iPad

Read&Write is a brilliant app that can really help boost the confidence of pupils with dyslexia or speak English as an Additional language. This app is designed specifically for iPads, so is a great choice if you use them 1:1. It has a unique keyboard that is loaded with features to assist with the writing of almost anything, from social media statuses to essays. The ‘speak as I type’ function and text prediction allow for the quick typing of any content.

Another great use for Read&Write is for reading on Safari. By highlighting the line of text, you can hear it read aloud. This, combined with the talking and picture dictionaries and on-screen highlighting make this a really useful tool for those with dyslexia.

So, if you’re an educator of any kind, from primary teacher to SEN Teacher, make the most of Read&Write’s free 30 trail and download it here!

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