UK’s Universities Standout as High Performers in World Rankings

The Times Higher Education ranking has 34 UK universities in its list of the top 200. The complete ranking list, which can be viewed here, sees the UK’s University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and the University of Oxford take 3 out of the 10 top spots. Our other universities have also been ranked favourably with the vast majority receiving hirer rankings than last year.


The rankings looked at universities across the world, taking into account 4 different types of performance indicators:

-          Teaching: their learning environment

-          Research: the volume, income and academic reputation

-          Citations: the influence of their research

-          International Outlook: including the numbers of international students

-          Industry Income: how it has helped industry with innovations, inventions and consultancy


Phil Baty, who is editor of the Times Higher Education world university rankings, described how "The UK is a stand-out performer in this year's rankings, boasting an impressive 78 institutions overall, with 34 of these sitting in the top 200.” However he went on to voice fears over how the £150 million budget cut the Higher Education Funding Council of England has received may affect our university rankings in the future. Despite the concerns of experts like Mr Baty, and similar concerns from the chief executive of universities UK Nicola Dandridge, we should all be impressed by our universities performances especially when we consider how our higher education spend is less than our closest rivals, China, Germany and Japan. 

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