Oxford University Press – Not Just for Grown Ups?

Oxford University Press (OUP) are an immensely popular publisher operating across the world, publishing more than 6,000 new titles a year in over 40 different languages. Founded as part of the prestigious Oxford University, OUP has been creating a range of texts in different formats since the 1600s and is now the largest and most distinguished publisher in the world.


However, has its association with the academics of Oxford University meant primary education has been overlooked?


A brand-new primary education project has recently been announced by OUP already sparking the interest of the Department of Education. The Inspire Maths programme uses concepts and approaches first developed in Singapore which are so successful that they have now been adopted by all of their schools.  


Following an abstract, largely pictorial approach, Inspire Maths has been carefully constructed for primary students to find meaning and enjoyment in maths. So far more than 30 Maths Hubs have been set up across the country in order to help primary teachers adopt this revolutionary approach to teaching Mathematics through providing training workshops, resources and ongoing advice from the experts who created the programme.


To find out more about the Inspire Maths click here, or watch this video to learn more about the Maths Hubs


Through working closely with the Department of Education and examining the changes to the national curriculum OUP has carefully designed resources to help schools keep up with the raising standards. Aside from the various training courses and events OUP offer teachers, they have also kept pace with the most modern and teaching tools.


Kaboodle, OUPs digital resource library and learning platform, is a revolutionary new way to integrate digital resources with your class. It is currently by over a million students and teachers supplying customisable learning content in a range of different forms and allowing teachers to monitor pupil progress, set activities and assessments, and quickly find information on 40 different secondary education courses.


Click here to learn more about how Kaboodle can help you.


The Oxford Owl is an app specifically designed to provide students, teachers and parents with tools, resources and activities that have been developed in line with the new national curriculum. It allows students to access their work simply and on the go providing useful resources on subjects like phonics, grammar, maths, writing and foreign languages. The app covers the full range of OUP learning programmes, with over 800 eBooks from the Oxford Reading Tree programme and the exciting and immersive Big Writing Adventures programme.


The app also includes Pathways, a well thought-out strategy and task-based system that ensures whole school improvement in a whole range of areas. Developed by educational experts, it allows teachers and school leaders to work collaboratively to help the school progress. Teachers can also find a huge library of training videos and materials designed to help them further their abilities and continue to develop alongside the curriculum.


To find out more about Oxford Owl follow this link.

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