Up Your Whiteboard Game With These 3 Programs

Interactive whiteboards are common-place in most schools, but are you utilising yours to its fullest extent? There is some really impressive software out there that can help teachers change their lessons for the better and create a dynamic, advanced lesson plans that students will really enjoy. 
Developed by SMART Tech, the company who bought us the first SMART Board in 1993, this is an award-winning piece of collaborative learning software that helps teachers and students share resources and work on documents together from any mobile devices networked via the cloud. In layman’s terms, your students can use their laptops, tablets and mobile phones to access any resources and contribute their own ideas to any documents immediately from anywhere with an internet connection. For teachers, one of the most exciting parts of this system is the ability to watch your class interacting, sharing ideas and learning together in real time. This will provide you with insight into which parts of the lesson different students are engaging with most and which students are struggling. To learn more about SMART amp visit the website and sign up for a free trial or watch the video here
Aimed at primary school students, Funbrain is a free website offering educational games and online books and comics that work well on interactive whiteboards. Playing your way as a team through hundreds of bright, well-designed games based on literacy, reading and numeracy is a fantastic way to keep your students entertained, encourage teamwork and help to instil in them a life-long love of learning. Visit Funbrain.com to give it a try.  
This is a user-friendly presentation tool that allows you to annotate any file type on an interactive whiteboard and is available with a 30 day free trial. This is the perfect program for presentations in lessons, sharing your ideas with fellow teachers, as well as motivating your students to get more involved in the lessons and work as a team. CleverLynx is compatible with all types of files and can be useful for teaching all subjects and age groups. The CleverLynx website also offers a huge choice of resources for teachers to download alongside the program, allowing you to develop lessons with the help of interesting articles and images. 
Giving any of these programs a go will help you take your teaching to the next level and allow you to make the most out of your interactive whiteboards. All of these can add interest to your lessons and learning how to use your IWBs effectively is becoming more and more important for those of you interviewing for teaching jobs. If you have used any other IWB software you think teachers should know about please let us know. 
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