The EduStaff Guide to Premier Pathways

Premier Pathways is a bespoke programme for outstanding graduates seeking meaningful school experience and a rewarding career in education. This guide will talk you through what it means to become a Premier Pathways graduate and the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead!
It may be daunting as an aspiring teacher to choose the right teacher training course for you, with many options requiring a time-bound or financial commitment. Premier Pathways offers graduates a flexible and paid route, providing insight into the world of education through practical experience and theoretical knowledge. 
After an interview with an expert consultant from EduStaff, you will be placed in one of our client schools, either as a Teaching Assistant, a Learning Support Assistant or another support staff role. The type of placement school will depend on your career aspirations, whether you are a budding primary school teacher or secondary school teacher. 
Premier Pathways doesn’t stop there though! Although practical experience is perhaps the best way to build your skills and confidence, we believe that combining this with theoretical knowledge will accelerate your journey towards becoming an outstanding practitioner. 
With an exclusive training partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, you will undertake two unique modules designed by established members of the Faculty of Education. The first module, ‘Reflecting on Inclusive Practice’, will introduce you to the theories behind this integral area in education and how to manage diversity in the classroom.  The ‘Effective Learning’ module identifies key theories of learning and considers the role of the teacher; a vital consideration that requires deep understanding. 
Both modules include exciting activities which will allow you to apply your new pedagogical knowledge to a practical situation under the guidance of a skilled lecturer. Each session will also offer the chance to discuss individual classroom experiences with other Premier Pathways graduates. This allows you to share ideas and reflect on your own personal settings, gaining tips from other Premier Pathways graduates in similar situations! 
These modules map directly onto genuine classroom situations offering relevant guidance that will hugely enhance your value to the school as well as your career prospects.
Throughout your time on the Premier Pathways programme, you will be introduced to further teacher training options by your EduStaff consultant, who will then assist you in securing your preferred initial teacher training option. This may be either a PGCE course at a reputable institution or the School Direct programme at the very school at which you started your journey. 
Premier Pathways prides itself on the long-lasting relationships created with graduates, and once you have completed your teacher training, your EduStaff consultant will be there again for you to help you secure your first placement as a Newly Qualified Teacher. 
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