Would a career in teaching and education suit you?

If over the summer you’ve been wondering if a career in teaching is right for you, then we’ve put together this handy list of skills you’ll need to succeed in the classroom. 

Passionate, a good-listener, engaging? Then you’re ready to be a teacher! 

A great teacher has a wide range of skills, from being an outstanding communicator to developing great relationships. 

Patience is key in helping pupils develop and succeed. Each pupil is different and it’s fundamental that you’re able to recognise this and think on your feet to come up with new ideas that engage all your students. Sometimes teaching can be challenging but if you’re able to keep calm under pressure then it will be the most rewarding job.  

We all remember the bubbly, friendly teacher from school who made us laugh and fall in love with a subject. Therefore, a successful teacher can create great relationships with everyone and has a bundle of energy and passion that can always be seen.  

Constant career progression 

The best teachers are always excited by new developments in teaching and strive to learn more.  

If you are unsure about this, don’t worry! This can all be achieved through training, induction and learning from your fellow colleagues. 

There are many online resources where you can learn different teaching techniques, better ways of marking and managing a classroom. If you are determined to succeed and want continual development then a career in education is perfect for you. 

A chance to change lives! 

As a teacher you act as a mentor and an inspiration. Your enthusiasm drives pupils to choose certain interests, university subject and even career. If you’re passionate about your subject this will be absorbed by your students and encourage them to excel in their exams and in life. 

If you’d like to have a positive impact on young people’s lives, then a career in teaching is the answer! 


Interested in getting into teaching? Contact us here. 

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