How to settle into your new role this September.

Settling into your new role with a new team can be a daunting experience, but we’ve provided you with some top tips so your first day will be a success. 

Take advantage of your mentor 

During induction, you should be given the opportunity to have training separate to the ‘All staff’ INSET day. At this point you can meet all the other new faces and ideally be given a mentor or buddy. This will usually be your senior leader or a long-standing teacher from the school who knows it inside and out and is always there to offer you friendly advice. Make sure you’re not afraid to ask them any questions you have, no matter how stupid you think they are! Where’s the toilet, how do I get to the staffroom and most importantly how does the printer work? All of these are fantastic questions to ask. Your mentor is there to guide you and help you settle in, so you have one less thing to worry about on your first day. 

Get involved 

Throw yourself into school life and culture. This doesn’t mean signing up to run every extra-curricular activity but instead show you’re willing to help out and attend any social events the school may hold. This is a perfect way to meet some of the biggest personalities in your new team and to be trusted with more responsibilities. 

Build relationships 

By your first week you should have a strong grasp of which colleagues you will be working closely with. Make sure you spend time getting to know them, finding something in common with your fellow teachers is a great way to improve the way you work together. 

Ensure you are approachable with all people who help you, not just your immediate department. Being approachable is a fundamental part of building strong relationships and ultimately, will lead to your workplace happiness. 

Embrace change 

When starting a new job, it’s easy to be unsure of certain practices that differed from your previous job or the way you’re used to working. However, make sure you are not negative about the way your team works. Instead, try to bring new solutions rather than criticisms, in order to help your team and their workload. 

Starting a new role is challenging but exciting. If you’re friendly, engaging and interact with everyone then you’re sure to become a valued team member, in a happy working environment.  


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