The Best Education Podcasts

The Best Education Podcasts


Education podcasts are a great way to get quick tips and advice but with so many to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry, we have got you covered and have shortlisted what we think, are the best education podcasts out there! Podcasts are a great resource to incorporate into your busy schedule. Not only will you gain varied insights into the world of education, but you can listen to them whilst on the move. Each broadcast is unique to the platform, providing a variety of topics, opinions and updates, all valuable for CPD.

We have even added some that will have you laughing for hours. Enjoy!


The Learning Scientists

“This is not a product or a sales pitch - just science!”

Interested in discovering new teaching techniques backed by science? Then this is the podcast for you! Set up by four cognitive psychological scientists, this podcast provides academic insight into the science of learning. Their aim is to make scientific research more accessible to students and educators, by improving communication between the various educational experts (students, teachers, researchers and professors) to improve learning. Their podcasts are updated on a bi-weekly basis and cover a range of topics from Dyslexia, attention in the classroom to CPD. Whatever topic you are looking for they have it covered and all with handy tips to take away and implement in your classroom.

Mr Barton Maths Podcast

"Changing useless time into CPD time"

Designed for teachers to listen to in the car, on long walks and bike rides, or even doing the dishes, Mr Barton Maths Podcasts are a great addition to your CPD. He interviews a range of guests from the world of education, digging deep into their area of interest or expertise. Even though it has ‘Maths’ in the title this podcast goes far beyond the subject, touching on educational researching, leadership and development. There is something for everyone, no matter what level you are at. Rated at an incredible 4.9 stars out of 5 on iTunes, this podcast provides listeners with valuable insight into the education world.

NCE Live

Nick Heard and Rachel O'Halleron discuss a variety of topics with guests from education and the world of business - featuring leadership, disruption, innovation and change, talent management and the importance of people. This podcast, as the name suggests, is LIVE! This means listeners have the opportunity to ask guests questions and directly tailor advice. If you don’t have time to attend live though do not worry, as all the episodes are recorded and you can listen after at your own leisure. Both Nick and Rachel have a great rapport with their guests leading to amazing advice from industry professionals and laughs along the way.


Pivotal Podcast

“Free CPD in Your Ears”

Paul Dix, behavioural specialist and fellow podcaster, Kevin Mulryne provide weekly updates on behaviour management, learning and development, and safeguarding in your classroom. Both hosts excel at gaining in-depth perspectives from their guests. This leads to some phenomenal stories being shared from top education professionals, providing priceless insights to help listeners develop their pupils’ learning. This podcast provides practical advice, enabling learners to relate to the topic and implement strategies into your timetable. Easy listening with great tips to put into practice.


Two Mr P’s in a Pod(cast)

"The best afterschool staff room catch up"

A podcast that will definitely get you in a good mood when you’re struggling to get through the week. Mr P is very well known for his ICT blog and hosts this podcast with his younger brother, Adam, an HLTA in a primary school, creating an extremely fun and engaging education-based podcast. They both share their hilarious stories from times in the classroom and even encourage their listeners to send in their own funny moments. A great podcast to relate to whether you’re a teacher, support staff, maintenance or parents. We’ve all been to school and experienced these ridiculous moments. An uplifting podcast that will remind everyone how great schools are and that teaching is an amazing job.

Podcasts are a great way to expose yourself to a variety of opinions and hear from industry leading experts. Whether you are on your break at school or sitting down with a cuppa on a Saturday morning, they are an easy and effective resource to incorporate into your busy schedule. We hope our suggestions are useful to you.  

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