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Our Top Inspirational Book Recommendations

Sit down, unwind and delve into these great books! Whether you are a Newly Qualified Teacher or part of the Senior Leadership Team, these books will not fail to inspire you and provide you with new thought-provoking ideas.


The Compassionate Teacher
‘It's time we reclaimed our mental health, for the sake of everyone in education. This book is the start.’ - John Catt Educational Ltd

Author, Andy Sammons is Head of English at a school in Leeds, he writes about his first-hand experience of struggling with mental health in school and how this is happening to teachers everywhere. Teachers experience immense pressures of balancing their subject passion and nurturing their pupils, as well as achieving outstanding educational outcomes. This book believes that with compassion, we can reclaim our mental health. He offers a range of practical solutions to improve mental health in a school context including; relationships with colleagues and students, minimizing workload and maximising classroom effectiveness.

To purchase ‘The Compassionate Teacher’, click here.


The Thinking School
‘Through peer learning, modelling, coaching and mentoring, engagement in research and other professional growth activities, the thinking school creates a dynamic collaborative culture that permeates the entire learning community.’ - John Catt Educational Ltd

Headteacher in an East London School and professional learning expert Dr Kulvarn Atwal believes that the quality of children’s learning is dependent on the quality of teaching they receive. He claims that the quality of teaching is dependent on the quality of teacher learning, and argues that it is imperative for teachers to receive continuing professional development. His extensive research on teacher engagement in professional learning activities has enabled him to design a practical model to develop teacher learning activities through peer learning, modelling, coaching and mentoring, engagement in research and other professional growth activities.

To purchase ‘The Thinking School’, click here.            


Love to Teach: Research and Resources for every classroom
‘An exciting book that combines the latest educational research with examples of what this can look like in the classroom. Filled with research-informed ideas to support all teachers and leaders in both Primary and Secondary this book would be great for NQTs to more experienced teachers and leaders alike.’- John Catt Educational Ltd

Kate Jones a teacher of Humanities, History specialist and teacher of Politics at Brighton College provides tried and tested ideas and activities for those who are committed to improving their practice. Her evidence-based strategies demonstrate how the latest educational research can be implemented into the classroom. The book consists of eight chapters including; own your own CPD, the best way to start a lesson and teaching with technology for impact.

To purchased ‘Love to Teach: Research and Resources for every classroom’, click here.


Honk! When teams come together, organisations fly
‘When geese fly in formation, encourage one another and share the leadership, they travel further. It's an inspiring metaphor for organisations today.’ – John Catt Educational Ltd

Andy Buck the best-selling author of Leadership Matters and his team of successful leaders are back with a HONK. Drawing on the seminal work from Steven Covey, Patrick Lencioni, Susan Scott and Daniel Pink, the book has been designed for all leaders, whether your journey is just beginning or are already running an oganisation. The book provides its readers with the essential ingredients and practical strategies to engage teams and make your future vision a reality.

To purchase ‘Honk! When teams come together, organisations fly’, click here.


John Catt Educational Ltd is a leading publisher of books, directories, educational guides and magazines specifically aimed at forward-thinking schools in the UK and beyond. Publishing since 1959, John Catt Educational Ltd with some of the most highly regarded educational authors in the UK including; former Secretary of State for Education Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP; Former Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Michael Wilshaw; and Sir John Dunford, former general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, to name a few. To view their full collection of credible books, click here.

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