Contributions to Education: Hanan Al Hroub

Contributions to Education: Hanan Al Hroub

Hanan Al Hroub was awarded with the prestigious Global Teacher Prize in 2016. Born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp, Hroub grew up in extremely tough times witnessing extreme violence and didn’t experience a ‘proper’ childhood.

Hroub originally studied English at university and dreamed of becoming a translator. She changed her major after her husband and children were shot at on their way home from school. The shootings transformed her children’s behaviours, personalities and academics to which they received no psychological support for. This spurred Hroub on to go into primary education so she can help other refugee children suffering from trauma.

Children who grow up in camps in Palestine are exposed to violence on a daily basis and live a completely different life to other children around the world. They suffer from emotional and psychological needs, and simply do not have the support that they require.

From day one in the classroom, Hroub enforced the motto ‘No to Violence’ through playing and learning. She has revolutionised education in Palestine and has positively impacted students to believe that out only weapon is knowledge and education.

Hanan Al Hroub was awarded with the prize by Pope Francis who referred to her as an ‘international icon’ teaching children about the ‘joy of life’.

To see an interview with the prize winner herself, click here.

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