4 Tips for Engaging your Class

Every teacher has moments when their class are not all hanging on their every word. Maybe it is last thing on a Friday, and you are teaching a particularly difficult or uninteresting topic. When you ask a question and receive a slack-jawed look of incomprehension from your class it is easy to become discouraged and lose confidence in your abilities. However, these 4 tips will keep your students on their toes and engaged in the lesson.


Never let them disengage.

If you have pauses in your lesson, it is easy for students to lose focus and start talking amongst themselves, so it is important to limit the amount of time they have to do so. Of course, this sometimes unavoidable, but maybe next time you stop to set up the projector why not shout out questions on the topic at hand while encouraging students to shout out the answer and continue thinking about the lesson.


Keep them moving.

Getting your students to march on the spot, perform hand clapping, finger snapping, or foot stamping patterns will keep your students occupied during dead time while also invigorating them and getting their brains working. This can seem like a silly thing to make your students do, but you will be surprised and competitive these games can get and how much of a warm-up they can be for students of all ages.  


Change you approach.

Flip learning is a fantastic way to mix up you lessons and get your students to think for themselves. Rather than spending your hour lecturing and then setting questions for your students as homework, why not set them the task think of their own questions to ask you. This way you can find out more about your student’s interests and tailor your lessons to them. It will also help you see which areas they are struggling with and it is sure to spark some lively class discussions.  


Quizzes and polls.

A quiz or a poll is an excellent way for pupils to not only asses their learning, but it allows for engagement with their peers. They can be incorporated into a lesson for whole class learning and engagement, or as a way for ‘friendly competition’ between groups.


How do you keep you pupils engaged?
The EduStaff Team

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