Deploying the Middle Leaders

Schools Minister David Laws announced a 1-year scheme on the 25th February that will see 100 ‘outstanding’ middle leaders work their magic in some of the country’s most challenging schools.

These leaders can include Heads of Department, Subject Coordinators and Heads of Year and will see them deployed across schools in England.

It is hoped that the placement of these middle leaders will help to increase attainment, performance and standards as they share their expertise on success.

Not only will this ideally benefit schools, but it is expected that participants will view this initiative as a year-long CPD opportunity. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other educators is a hotly favoured method by academy chains in a drive to improve standards and cultivate leaders from within.

When a middle leader joins a school under this initiative, they will be expected to asses the problems and use their extensive knowledge to implement a plan for improvement.

What do you think? Can this be sustained for the long-term or is it just a short and sweet idea?

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