Ten reasons your school should implement technology in the classroom

Technology is omnipresent and nearly every aspect of our daily lives is connected in one way or another to technology. We use smart gadgets to stay connected, socialize, play, and learn. Schools and universities across the country should acknowledge the potential of advanced technology. Textbooks have already been replaced by tablets, and students use the web to get access to useful information that can help them perform better research. Some institutions refuse to adapt as they believe technology is a distraction. It can be, but as long as the focus is maintained on the learning, it might lead to academic success. Here are 10 basic reasons why technology belongs in the classroom

1.      Technology makes learning fun & more digestible

Studies have shown that gadgets like iPads, laptops and ebooks can make learning fun and courses easier to understand. Students are drawn by gadgets, so why shouldn’t they be drawn by gadgets used in class? Writing essays and papers on a laptop is a lot more fun than on paper. Students no longer need to go to the library to argument their claims; they can do it in class by accessing online encyclopedias, dictionaries, and free ebooks. They also have access to grammar tools to check their paper; and this will greatly boost their self-esteem.

2.      Remote access

Technology permits teachers to connect with all students; even those that can’t be physically in the classroom. Those that are injured, can sit comfortable at home and access the web to participate in the course via Skype, or other similar virtual medium. This way they’ll be able to learn and not fall behind on the curriculum even from a distance.

3.      Tech-savvy learning

Right now, even preschoolers know how to use an iPad or smartphone. Teachers willing to implement technology in the curriculum won’t have to explain them how to use it. Allowing students to become tech independent expands their current knowledge, and helps them prepare for real life challenges.

4.      Enhanced collaboration

Research shows that technology in class enhances collaboration. In the future, this activity will help students brainstorm better ideas and encourage team work. At a global scale, technology is used to transform “pen pals” in “ePals”. Students can connect online to share ideas, as well as help each understand challenging topics in math, literature, science and more.

5.      Improved engagement in class

Many students don’t want to participate in a lesson and become active speakers. They just want to sit back and relax. With the advent of technology, many are now excited to use learn PowerPoint presentations, use iPads to convey ideas, and recommended online websites where valuable information can be found to study. Many useful exercises are available on the web. An engaged student watching a chemistry tutorial will want to try that experiment in class, too.

6.      Laidback teachers

At last teachers can take a break! Technology allows them to step out of the “leader” role and act like “mentors” or “advisors” for students. Teachers will become encouragers and students will want to interact more in order to understand all the perks of technology in the classroom.

7.      Advanced technology allows students to learn at their own pace

Learning is made easier with advanced technology. Students can control their pace, think for themselves, and take all the time they need to understand a certain matter. Using apps to monitor progress and online tools to check structure and grammar are an excellent aid. Introverts will find these tools particularly helpful as they won’t have to ask for guidance every 5 minutes.

8.      Access to current information

Technology offers students access to information that can’t be easily accessed in class. Even professors can use technology to verify information stay updated with recent changes. It is important to know what you’re talking about and no confuse students with arguments that are no longer in trend.

9.      Technology is more affordable and durable

Unlike traditional books that cost a lot of money and don’t last, tech gadgets like iPads, laptops and computers are more durable and last longer. They need periodic upgrades to work at their fullest potential, but that’s not as expensive as buying new books.

10.  Technology is exciting

Students are excited to use technology in class. Reading from tablet is a lot more fun than reading from a book. Also, watching tutorials and videos can be more educational than learning a process or formula from paper books.

By Davis Miller and Educater.co.uk!


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