Teaching Technologies: Too Much, Too Soon?

The use of technology in schools has seen huge growth in recent years and a school in the Scottish Highlands is now hoping to provide free tablets for pupils.

A rural, verdant location like the Scottish Highlands are perhaps the last place you would expect children to begin using some of the most advanced technologies on the market. However the schools in this area have a history of paving the way for paperless technology.

Last year at Wick High School students ran a wearable technologies competition where the children tried out Google Glass, Samsung Gear 2 and Pebble smartwatches and designed a selection of possible apps. This competition produced some interesting results including 2 Google Glass apps: one which allows nurses and doctors to browse through patient notes hands-free helping to reduce the risk of paper spreading infections. The overall winner was an innovative clue finding game – Imagine Glass – that gets players to explore their local community while working their way through the game. These exciting ideas really demonstrate how inspiring these new technologies can be for young children and how important it is that they are ready for a world where technology like Google Glass is commonplace.

This latest bid to get free tablets for students took place at Alness Academy and requires funding from the Highland Council. Education, Children and Adult Services Committee Chairman Alasdair Christie commended the plan explaining how "It is about equipping the children for their future lives. Investing in them now at an early age will pay back dividends and benefits later on, both for them and their own children", however whether or not tax payers and the Highland council agree remains to be seen.

Do you think schools like Alness Academy and Wick High School are setting the tone for the future of teaching, or is the funding better used elsewhere? Let us know your thoughts via social media! 

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