Edapt are the only alternative to joining a teacher’s union. They provide impartial specialist advice and support for those with jobs in education during allegations, disciplinary matters and other grievances.

Sound Like A Union?

The difference is that Edapt and a teachers’ union is that they are apolitical and independent. They provide support tailored to each individual case, rather than campaigning for the cumulative issues of their members as a union would.

For many teachers the many reason they joined a trade union like NUT or NASUWT was to get help with employment issues or allegations. Joining Edapt means you don’t have to align yourself to a political organisation and you won’t be asked to join protests, rallies or get involved in other types of industrial action.

Edapt have recognised the key needs of teachers and estimate that 1 in every 320 teachers require some legal support every year and that the overwhelming majority of teachers joined a union just in case an allegation was made against them or in case of an employment dispute. Knowing this Edapt enlisted financial investment, 90% of which came from teachers who volunteered to support a cause they cared about, and started giving teachers a place where they can get the support they need without aligning themselves to a political organisation.

Membership for the first year costs just £1. Visit www.edapt.org.uk for more details. 

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