What Can Entrust Do For Your School?

Entrust provide a valuable service for schools and academies in more than 50 local authorities. They have a massive range of services that can help improve every aspect of school life, from cleaning and catering services all the way through to training and consultation in a variety of areas like inclusion, EdTech and STEM learning. The quality of service Entrust provides is unquestionable, with every training course rated as over 95% effective in a survey of their participants from November 2014 to November 2015.


The experts consultants, who have years of experience working in education, and their network partner organisations has meant that the schools are given professional help, and more young people are given the support, advice and resources they need and deserve.  Currently they have more than 96 consultants from leading schools with plenty of experience in teaching and education as well as 830 STEM Ambassadors who support young people, helping to drive interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Entrust works hard to ensure the safety of children. Including 201 training sessions for online monitoring software that helps schools keep students safe online, and over 17,000 checks in the last 12 months to inspect for life-threatening asbestos.


We all know that we are in desperate need of more schools places. Entrust’s property services department support school development projects and have provided 1120 new primary school places in the last 12 months.


Although Entrust provide a comprehensive list of services for schools, they are focussed on achieving 6 main goals:


1)   To give all children the best start in life possible.

Their school improvement services, that include training, support and work with a number of partners, has meant that 84% of the early years providers they work with are now rated above the national average by Ofsted. For children in reception 69.9% achieved a good level of development compared to the national average of 66.3%. In addition on average the school Entrust work with have seen the gender attainment gap fall from 18.2% in 2013 to 15.4% in 2015.


2)   Protecting the environment.

Their technology allows schools to monitor and manage their energy consumption. So far they have been particularly successfully in one school where they helped them save nearly £15,000 and reduced their use of gas by a massive 30%.


3)   Helping young people make the right life choices.

Between August 2015 and October 2015 alone, they competed 5,212 face-to-face guidance interviews for young people. In Staffordshire in particular this work has helped increase the number of young people in education, training or employment in Staffordshire to 95.7%.


4)   Giving every child the chance to learn a musical instrument.

By providing 14,633 children with weekly lessons and hiring 8,500 instruments for 387 schools as part of the Music Education Hub.


5)   Supporting local communities.

Through raising money for a charity, they have helped provide free counselling sessions for young people affected by bereavement.


6)   Provide access to healthy food.

They provide 55,000 school meals to children a day. This has meant that £2m has been invested back into local businesses and has earned them the Food Standard Silver Mark from the Soil Association. 


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