4 More Must Read Blogs for Maths Teachers!

Last year, we wrote about four blogs that should be essential browsing for Maths Teachers. You may’ve seen one of the blog authors, Colin Hegarty, plastered across the news recently for being shortlisted for a million dollar teaching prize. Following his success, we thought it would be a good idea to list four more blogs for Maths Teachers in the hope that one of them gets shortlisted next year!

Great Maths Teaching Ideas

Lead Practitioner and Head of Maths William Emeny is the mastermind behind this fantastic website. Alongside some helpful resources and lesson ideas presented, Emeny also goes into great detail about many theories and methods behind learning, which when understood can have a really positive impact on learning across all levels. Information about Numeracy Ninjas is also available here, which is a free-to-use numeracy intervention programme for schools.

Mr Reddy

A practitioner with a long history of success, Bruno Reddy offers both a maths resource site and a maths blog. The resource site has a collection of useful links broken down by key stage (KS3+), combining a range of games and past papers to support the learning of mathematics. There is a KSA section (King Solomon Academy, Mr Reddy’s past school), which has a host of videos that enhance essential mathematical skills. The blog itself thoughtfully discusses a plethora of topics including the study of maths, pedagogy, exams and Ofsted; and if you’ve heard anything about KSA you’ll know the blog is worth a read.

Mr Barton

Another great site offering the split between resources and blogs, Mr Barton has divided it down another level to teachers, pupils and parents. There’s even a page dedicated to answering the old favourite ‘What use is maths in real life?’ with a well-written answer fit for pupils of all ages. There’s top revision tips for pupils, and detailed resources for teachers spanning across every element of the maths curriculum. Mr Barton also has a podcast where each episode has an interview with a maths specialist, from the Head of Maths at AQA to Mr Reddy (see above!).


Created by three teachers with a fervour for collaboration, JustMaths if a fantastic one-stop-shop for all members of the learning community. The free resources available cover the key topics of Algebra, Data, Shape and Number, and come in a variety worksheets including ‘Whodunnit?’ and ‘Top Trumps’. The blog offers great ideas for the maths classroom and witty pieces discussing most aspects of school life. If you like what you see on the free resources, you can subscribe to JustMaths which opens up a whole new realm of resources for you and your class. 

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