Incorporating Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, and sometimes Head of Departments, the Senior Leadership Team work together to manage the Middle Management team. Providing the vision, direction and strategy for the school, some members of the leadership team have a teaching requirement whereas others may have progressed to the point where they are purely involved in whole school initiatives and developments.

Leadership roles vary from role to role and school to school, some will be involved in managing their specific groups of teachers whereas other will be more involved in the big picture. Some of the duties required of the senior leaders will include:

  • Organising the commitments and deputising tasks to other teachers and managers at the school.
  • Evaluating the development of each of the school’s departments.
  • Liaise with benefactors, governors, the community and the local authority.
  • Assist with the management, appointment and induction of teachers and other staff.
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