A Higher Level Teaching Assistant can be recruited by both primary and secondary schools, and the duties undertaken will be relevant to the specific educational setting. Usually, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant has an increased level of responsibility than that of other support staff due to having advanced classroom experience.

The experience of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant can sometimes mean that the role will offer support in a specialist area of learning; however this is dependent on the way a school will utilise the skills of the individual Higher Level Teaching Assistant. The general purpose of the role is to complement the teachers’ delivery of the national curriculum and work cooperatively with teachers, pupils and other support staff.

Typical responsibilities of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant may include:

  • Leading small groups of pupils or whole classes
  • Establish relationships with other professionals or agencies to support work of pupils
  • Attending staff meetings and contributing to the development of the school
  • Assisting teachers in offering guidance to support staff
  • Preparing and developing resources for learning activities
  • Reporting on the progress made by pupils

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