A Teaching Assistant can be employed by both primary and secondary schools and the function of the role is dependent on the needs of the school. Some Teaching Assistants will be recruited to work with a specific class; others may join a subject department. Teaching Assistants can also find themselves working across the whole school, lending support where required.

It is important to remember that the goals of a Teaching Assistant will differ amongst schools. Usually, the target of a Teaching Assistant is to raise overall achievement and involvement in the area or class in which they are working by providing dedicated support in the classroom.

Characteristic tasks of Teaching Assistants tend to include:

  • Helping the class teacher plan lessons and prepare the classroom accordingly
  • Leading small booster classes for low ability or gifted and talented pupils
  • Supporting the classroom during lesson time
  • Working with the Subject/Phase Leader to target areas for improvement
  • Recording and reporting pupils progress and achievements
  • Assisting teachers with extra-curricular activities
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