Teaching Union: ATL - Association of Teachers and Lecturers


Believe Ofsted is too stressful, inconsistent and inexpert, favouring an accountability system based on collaboration, with local inspections and a new role for Ofsted

Against baseline assessment

Support a broader and more balanced national curriculum

Believe in securing more financial support student making the transition between further education or higher education and work. In order to achieve this they support LoveFE campaign.

They are against for-profit schools and students' futures need to be prioritised over profit. This ties in with their Equal Access campaign which seeks to make admission policies more transparent and give every child access to good local schools.

Believe all education professionals need an end to excessive working hours and a genuine career path through a national pay structure and CPD. They favour Higher Education Institutions over the School Direct route into teaching, and believe an independent professional body for teachers’ professional development would be better.

Schools and colleges need an accountability system based on collaboration, with local inspection and a new role for Ofsted.

They condone a national pay structure for teachers and support staff.


Car purchase schemes, insurance and breakdown service

Financial advice, mortgage advice life insurance and tax refunds.

Money off at restaurants, online shopping, experience days and gourmet dining.

Discount holiday and travel.

Members: 3rd largest union with 160,000 members.

Home, personal injury insurance,

Legal services

Professional development resources including a discount subscription to TES Magazine.

Mobile phone and tablet offers.


Around 120,000 members consisting of a whole host of professionals with education jobs. These include school leaders, trainee teachers and lectures, NQTs, examination officers and school support staff.

Average Cost per Year: £97.92

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