Are You Attending the 2016 Student Technology Conference?

Taking place on Saturday the 30th of January between 9am and 9pm, the second annual Student Technology Conference is a fee online event for student, teachers, administrators and technology innovators from across the world. The conference is an international forum for the discussion of edtech, technology used in schools and other educational organisations. Aimed at education in US grades 6 to 12, that’s ages 11 to 18 year olds, the online conference will pave the way for education technology in 2016. Last year the day included over 20 general session and four keynote speeches with over 500 participants and this year’s is set to be even bigger.

What can you expect to get out of it?

The conference is designed to:

1.       Forster greater understanding of how students can use technology in education.

2.       Encourage debate and discussion about edtech between teachers, administrators and technology experts.

3.       Help educators understand how to implement technology inside and outside the classroom.

4.       Strengthen the relationships between students, teachers and administrators about technology.

The 2016 Student Technology Conference is all about collaboration and you are encouraged to get involved. Just follow this link to find out how. 

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