Knewton: A Digital Learning Space Bespoke to You

Knewton is a technological education company that claims to be able to tailor online lessons to customers based upon what they have already searched for. The idea is an ingenious one: help students with topics that they are struggling with by using their internet history to identify key areas. This, in theory, allows the program to personalise questions and help people learn faster. However, there is some controversy over whether or not the program actually works.

Knewton can point to some impressive statistics. The implementation of the maths course in Arizona State in 2011 saw pass rates increase by 11% from the previous year. The software uses the data it receives to find which method or explanation would best suit a particular student. The material is also adaptive as well as reactive teaching different students the same material depending on what suits them. This is a revolutionary concept that can cater for every type of learning style.

Though critics label the technology and its’ effects ‘unproven’, what is clear is that Knewton represents a radical statement of intent about the way in which we will begin to learn. Though a comprehensive study has yet to be undertaken into the legitimacy of Knewton’s claims, the initial results seem to point towards a major new innovation in the world of digital education. 

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