The Hour of Code Starts Today

The Hour of Code is a worldwide initiative that lets anyone organise 1 hour tutorials introducing people to the fundamentals of computer coding. The scheme has really caught on and there are 191,018 coding events organises across the world, for anyone aged 4 to 104, between the 7th and 13th of December. The plan is to help volunteers, who understand the basics of coding, work with schools and communities to help organise the free sessions throughout the week either in venues like classrooms and shops or over the internet.


The campaign has been created in celebration of Computer Science Education Week and is designed to get more people to learn about computers so that they can keep up with this increasing use of technology. The importance of coding has been recognised by the organisers who are working in collaboration with governments, schools, technology companies and communities across the globe, so far there are 2,354 coding tutorials happening in UK alone. One of the biggest contributors to the event are the tech giants Apple who announced today that they are using 468 of their stores as bases for Hour of Code tutorials. But the scheme has received widespread support from lots of high profile companies and individuals like Obama, David Cameron, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Richard Branson, Google, Facebook and Amazon.


How are you participating in the Hour of Code scheme? Share your stories with us on social media. Or if you would like to get your school involved, or volunteer to teach others about coding as part of the scheme, visit the website here to find out how. 

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