The Diary of an LSA

The day starts at 06:30, waking from a vegetative state to slowly prepare myself and join the real world at my local underground station. We squeeze into the train like cattle ready for a market day; businessman, artists, students, and me, a Learning Support Assistant at a primary school in London. Station by station people leave until around an hour in my journey is complete.

I arrive in school and talk with my fellow Learning Support Assistants about the usual; what is coming up on my timetable, which student I will be helping and what to expect from the day. On this showery September Monday morning I am greeted with an array of different lessons to bring me alive into the week. Today involves a variety of subjects from History, to English, to Princes Trust; a lesson helping key skills hoping to ready the students for future employment.

What being a Learning Support Assistant really offers you is a challenge and variety too. Today, as with most days, I have seen so many different teaching styles and approaches to teaching. If you want to go into teaching this experience is invaluable!

Although the day finishes for the students at 15:30, staff still have other duties and one of mine is homework club, again the word varied describes the experience! I test my knowledge at linear equations for Maths, and language features for English, and with a considerable amount of help from other Learning Support Assistants we make it through.

At 16:30 I brace myself to travel back amongst the cattle, reflecting and writing down my experience of the day, recording the students’ progress. Tired? Yes. Challenging? Often. Like most of the staff would I want to be doing a different job right now? I can safely say as I stand at the platform, no. 

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