EdTech Review: JumpRope, The Innovative Testing App

JumpRope is a standards-based gradebook designed by a NYC based teacher who understands that edtech needs to be simple and reliable to become and effective extension of the teacher. This online gradebook allows teachers to use the government’s, school’s or their own standards on which to measure their class. But that’s not all. The attendance tool allows for fast measuring of absenteeism, the Character Education Tool allows different teachers to add notes on student development, the administration tool helps with whole school management, and the Curriculum Design Tool will help you plan the year’s worth of teaching in a quick-to-build and easily comprehensible timetable. Then, when you have started using the different tools, JumpRope allows you quickly develop reports on class progress, individual student’s progress, and whole school development.


For more information on JumpRope and to download it for free visit: https://www.jumpro.pe/.

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