EduStaff EdTech Review: PicLits

If you have stared at a blank page waiting, unsuccessfully, for inspiration to strike, you may interest in PicLits. Relatively basic in its formatting, is a simple but effective app for providing the inspiration for further activities. A scrolling image gallery offers a variety of stock images to use as a background along with several words to drag and drop onto the board. The words are all linked to the image and are arranged by grammatical function.

It is easy to imagine some ways this app could be used. By setting one picture for a whole class, the variety of captions could give rise to a productive discussion. It could be the first step in a storyboard on the way to developing a short story or assignment.

The service is free and you can create as many as you like, emailing, tweeting, or blogging the results.

The programme is limited by the pictures available and the designing capabilities but that is what makes it so effective. With any picture to choose from and any words to place with it…you’re straight back to the blank page effect. PicLits gives you just enough autonomy to be creative without the flashy distractions that lead to lesson disruption.

If you do go ahead and use the app, be sure to keep us in the loop!

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