App Review: Spiral

All teachers know that some pupils just don’t feel confident putting their hand up in class and answering questions. Spiral overcomes this issue through its brilliant three-way connectivity, linking students, teachers and the classroom interactive whiteboard. The Quickfire app makes question and answer tasks an exciting activity and allows the teacher to get response in real time. Pupils can anonymously contribute their answers through personal devices to the IWB, and the teacher can monitor individual responses their device.

The Discuss app is a wonderfully creative and collaborative tool for the classroom. Teachers can create a presentation using all types of media, with the option to add points for discussion. The presentation is then shared with the class, and pupils can comment ideas and contribute to discussions.

It is suggested that Spiral will have the most positive effect on secondary education, where students can interact with their own devices. Its collaborative concept enables it to be used across the curriculum and not just in one subject.

To learn more about Spiral and to download it, follow this link

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