Lack of Training Means Classroom Technology is Wasted

It is estimated that technology in schools, or more commonly referred to as ‘edtech’, cost schools around £623 million this year. Yet worrying nearly half of teachers in a survey conducted by Instructure rarely use the technology in their classrooms.

A third of both primary teachers and secondary teachers claimed that they are unsure about how to integrate the technology into the curriculum, which led to many devices and tools going to waste.

The problem is not that teachers are unenthusiastic about using the technology, it is simply that many are unsure how to use it. A third of the responding teachers in the survey readily admitted that technology can improve results for students, so this survey raises questions over the support being received on the proper use of such items.

This is not the first time that teachers haven’t felt prepared for a shift in the education landscape. September 2014 saw the introduction of computing into the curriculum, but over two-thirds of teachers at the time did not feel confident rolling it out.

There is evidence that shows more digital devices in schools does not equate to better performance, however it was strongly recommended that the technology does need to be implemented better.  

This resonates well with Instructure’s survey, with both suggesting that the proper training, support and use of technology in the classroom will have a positive effect on student outcomes.

Do you have unused devices in your classroom? Have you received the proper training for technology? Let us know on social media! 

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