Asia and East Europe Lead the Way in eLearning

The eLearning market has grown again this year and the market looks likely to top £70 billion. Of that market, almost half comes from the self-paced eLearning market. Massive open online courses – affectionately known as MOOCs – are forming a key part of corporate culture. Google enrolled all 8,000 employees in Udacity’s coding course. Over 350 companies work with popular provider as a recruiting framework.


But, perhaps the most interesting statistic is which countries are seeing the highest growth in eLearning uptake. Out in front with 55% and 52% are India and China respectively. Both part of the so-called BRIC group of emerging markets (others include Brazil (7th) and Russia), these two huge nations are throwing themselves into online learning.


It is easy to understand why. Both countries have huge rural populations and are suddenly finding themselves with more opportunity after decades in the relative dark. eLearning provides a safe and secure environment in which to develop your skills and knowledge. Travel costs (both financial and temporal), language barriers, and social pressures can be tackled from behind a computer screen.


Interesting additions to the top 10 include Romania, Poland, and Czech Republic at 4th, 5th,and 6th as well as Ukraine at 10th. Could this be ambitious Eastern Europeans working on key skills before migration west? Or, is it a similar story to Asia: a new generation emerging out the shadow of communist Russia desperate to discover new knowledge and understanding?


Though the eLearning market might be growing fast, its younger cousin, the mLearning market is hot on its heels with a growth rate doubling that of eLearning. Once again, it is the promising BRIC group that is set to lead the way. 

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