Voting Pad Technology for the Classroom

How to improve the lesson engagement? Could voting pad technology be the answer?


Schools across the nation have begun using networked student response systems like Quizdom, CLiKAPAD and ResponseCard NXT.


The idea is that students can respond to teacher’s questions instantly with the touch of a button. This means that students who may have been too shy to raise their hands get to input into the discussion, or those with special educational needs have another way to communicate with their teachers.


But that’s not all… these systems allow teachers to monitor their student’s responses in a simple and instantaneous way so that they will always be aware of who is getting involved in the discussion and who isn’t. These systems are not just for pop quizzes and tests. Many schools use them as a way to help students let the teacher know when they are not keeping up with lessons – something that students are often too embarrassed to admit.


Has your school tried out voting pads yet? How do you think they can help students and teachers? Share your experiences with us on social media.

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