Primary School Orders Pupils to Walk with Their Hands Behind Their Backs

A primary school in Holborn has received a barrage of criticism from parents for ruling that pupils must walk with their hands behind their backs.


When walking through the halls, students must have their hands behind their backs in the ‘university walk’, in a bid to raise aspirations and ensure student safety.


Although these intentions are good, parents of the children are labelling the order as ‘repressive’ and not unlike the way prisoners are transported between jails. There is now a petition in preparation against the policy as well as general unrest at the school gates.


Ofsted have acknowledged pupil behaviour as ‘Outstanding’, and the number of recorded behavioural incidents since the rule was introduced has reduced by 93%. Executive Headteacher Angela Abrahams claims that the walk inspires children to be the best that they can be, and that they arrive in class with a positive mind-set in a calm and ordered way.


Do you think that this policy should stay in place? Or is it too restrictive? Let us know your thoughts on social media! 

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