Will Employing Expert Teaching Teams In Weak Schools Work?

In a recent announcement Nicky Morgan explained how the government was planning on deploying experienced, expert teaching teams in some of the nation’s weakest schools. The scheme will offer these teachers financial incentives to relocate and change jobs for 2 years and you can be sure that many teachers chosen will find the offer flattering and the experience rewarding. However are we rushing into a new scheme that is just a quick fix?


The National Teaching Service, who will run this scheme, are offering the teachers participating ‘fast-track development opportunities’ and ‘a clear path to promotion’ with the goal of getting 1500 educators to the Ofsted Outstanding level by 2020. But is rushing teachers through this scheme the best way to ensure we are getting quality teachers in our schools? Will it mean that we experience a higher fall-out rate as with similar schemes like Teach First where 40% of the participants leaving the teaching profession after just 5 years? Obviously this is a bit different, the NTS’s scheme is targeting teachers with experience rather than graduates looking to get into teaching, but education experts like Gren Ireson from Nottingham Trent University are still urging on the side of caution.


What do you think of the NTS’s plan? Would you accept a place in a teaching super squad and start a new teaching job? Share your thought and opinions with us on social media.

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