App Review: TinyTap

TinyTap is an exciting way to get your pupils to really engage with creating apps and games all on one platform. It can be used as a tool or a resource, with pre-created games and books readily available if you don’t fancy making one yourself.

The best aspect of this app is that it can be used by anyone in the classroom, from teachers to pupils of all ages, in group work or individually. Educators can design games and books based on their specific class requirements, or select one already created by a teacher, developer, author or parent from the extensive Creativity Museum.

You can import your own images to the game creation tool and include some exciting interactive elements such as videos or questions and answers, designing something perfectly tailored to your teaching. It should be noted that if you decide to use the pre-created games, they might not be suitable for assessment due to the varying scoring systems of the individual developers.

Find out more about TinyTap or download it here.

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