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Tips for Your First Role in SEN Education

Everything you need to know before you start your first role in SEN Education.

Top Tips and Resources for Teaching Assistants

Make a great first and lasting impression as a Teaching Assistant, with our top tips and resources.

TA or LSA: Which One Are You

To find out whether you are suited to a Teaching Assistant or Learning Support Assistant role in a school, read this blog.

The best education podcasts

Complement your ears, listen to the best podcasts available in the education world right now.

The EduStaff guide to Premier Pathways

Salaried, Steady, Successful.

Hit the ground running in your NQT year with these essential blogs

Are you a trainee teacher looking for online resources to support you through your NQT year? Take a look at our hand-picked blogs.

How to write a graduate CV when you have no work experience

Are you a recent graduate or university student with no work experience under your belt? Learn how you should be writing your CV to ensure your skills are painted in the best light for prospective employers.

Ten reasons your school should implement technology in the classroom

Still trying to convince your SLT to invest in edtech? Read this article by Davis Miller for the perfect pitch!

Will the US Election result affect us Brits?

After one of the most controversial election campaigns in our history coming to an end, do you want to know how the US election results will affect us over here in the UK. After the huge decision for the UK to leave the EU back in June, it is easy for us to feel that no other political event is as momentous as Brexit, especially those happening in other countries. However, with the US being the biggest power in the modern world, major events in the US impact everyone! Find out more…

EduStaff at: CTC Kingshurst Academy

On Monday 9th October, EduStaff Consultants Luke and Patrick went down to CTC Kinghurst Academy in Solihull for the annual Career Day.

How Demonstration Teaching Can Unlock Complex Ideas.

How do pretzels, quantum computing and a Swedish man called Thors help us understand how we can effectively teach difficult concepts to young minds?!

Academy Conversion: How it Works

Guest author Kim Freeman-Smith tackles the complex process of academisation from a legal perspective in this helpful guide. From thinking about applying all the way through to reopening, this piece covers all the bases.

How Technology Is Shaping School and University Classrooms

In our latest guest post from the looks into EdTech and how it is revolutionizing the way students are learning and teaching.

Brexit and Education

With England voting to leave he EU the country is in turmoil. But how will this impact the education sector? EduStaff investigates the predictions of what students and teachers can expect in the future.

The Anatomy of a Primary School Teacher

Primary school teachers are a rare species that have evolved a lot of special skills to help the support the development of the students that count on them. Read on to learn more...

How Teachers Can Avoid Stress

A recent survey found that over 80% of a sample of school staff believe they are stressed. But what can you do to help?

The Teacher Recruitment Crisis – The Present Situation

The House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts has reported on the Department for Education’s efforts towards training new teachers in a recent report. But are they hitting their targets?

Inspiring Leadership Conference 2016

The Inspiring Leadership Conference is a chance for heads and aspiring school leaders to get together and discuss the changing world of education and business.

New SEN Support

The Children and Families Bill made important changes to the way support is given to pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN). This post looks at what these significant changes mean for pupils, parents and schools.

Your Guide To Exam Stress Anxiety

Our friends from Study Medicine Europe put together this fantastic guide on exam stress. Take a look and share it with your students in the run up to the exam period.


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