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Taiwan is a small island owned by the Republic of China in East Asia. Despite its size the island has a lot to offer and is famous for its astounding natural beauty and richly diverse cultural heritage. Discover the delights of the incredible temples, verdant rainforests and unique blend of cultures that fill the streets of Taipei.

Whether you’re exploring the cities, ancient Buddhist temples and palaces, or hiking the Yushan Peaks trail and basking in the glorious views from over 12,000ft, Taiwan truly has something for everyone. Taiwan’s landscape varies between lively cities like Taipei, majestic mountainous areas, beautiful freshwater lakes, secluded beaches and lush tropical rainforests full of life. The Taiwanese people take care to maintain their scenic surroundings, and many preserved national parks are open to visitors.

Taipei, Taiwan’s capital and largest city rests on the Tamsui River and acts as a port for imports from all over Asia. As such you can expect to see an array of architecture influenced by Japanese culture and the Ming Dynasty, and new skyscrapers that rise far above the older areas of the city. Taipei 101 was, until recently, the world’s tallest building. The city’s diversity can be experienced to its fullest extent through a visit to one of the many midnight markets: lively events where merchants sell a range of traditional and more exotic produce, and performers create a real festival atmosphere.

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View available jobs in China