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Striding the distance between the illustrious and magnificent history of the enigmatic Orient and the global economic leviathan that is modern China, Shanghai merges the ancient and the modern in a boisterous, eclectic fashion that will leave you desperate for more.

Shanghai is undeniably the flagship city of the cultural and economic revolution threading its way through mainland China. With its colossal expat community and velocious pace of life, this sprawling metropolis caters to the ambitious middle classes: the engine driving the city forward into the spotlight of the entire world. A far cry from the imperial palaces and dated architecture of Beijing, the ephemeral environs flawlessly blend the ancient Buddhist monasteries with the sky topping apartment blocks and office developments.

Living up to its reputation as the gateway to China, Shanghai is a cosmopolitan hub of activity where you are just as likely to be having an espresso in a penthouse restaurant as sampling local dumplings at a crowded market stall. A thrilling ride, Shanghai will draw you in with its irresistible dynamism and once you’re smitten, unlock a world which will set the pace for all your experiences to come.

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View available jobs in China