Dongguan, China

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The industrious city of Dongguan offers strikingly modern architecture and raucous nightlife all set in beautiful coastal surroundings with lush forests and spacious riverside accommodation. The city’s lively streets are interspersed with natural parks, lakes and forests that allow for a more relaxed pace of life when compared to some of China’s other major cities. The city is a major port and, as such, the freshest ingredients are available in a multitude of restaurants offering cuisine from across the world, as well as a fascinatingly cultural blend exhibited through a diverse selection of welcoming residents.

Once the setting of the infamous Opium Wars, the city has a rich history to explore and offers some fascinating museums and tourist destinations. In addition a range of cultural events and festivals take place throughout the year and are always an opportunity to get involved in local customs and let your hair down.

The South China Mall is the perfect day trip for those looking for local daytime entertainment. As the world’s second biggest shopping mall visitors have far more to do than simply shopping: ride the indoor/outdoor rollercoaster, enjoy a glass or wine in the shadow of the 25m scale model of the Arc de Triomphe in the French sector, or even relax on a Venetian gondola while cruising down the 2.1km stretch of canal. Dongguan offers something to suit all interests and moods and is also perfectly positioned for excursions to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

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