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Surrounded by the cultural and architectural magnificence of a history stretching back over three millennia, Beijing offers a genuine fusion of China old and new, imperialist and economic, focused and sprawling. As the seat of power of the one of the world’s emerging superpowers, Beijing represents a unique experience, blending imperial palaces and narrow streets with rail superhighways and titanium-glass opera houses and arts centres.

Walking amongst the imperial gardens or through the Forbidden City, it is easy to forget that Beijing is still the administrative and economical engine driving the Chinese advent to the top of the global pecking order. The sheer number of cultural, sporting, or political activities available can be startling, yet after a few months, the pieces of the puzzle will start to fall into place. Alongside the aether of history that permeates through the city exists a buzzing social and expat community that provides a link to home amongst the expansiveness of the capital.

Organised and systematic, Beijing provides a patient pace of life that deviates from the exuberance and frenzy of Shanghai or Hong Kong. However, the high rise apartment buildings that are still cropping up all over the city are a testament to the steady and consistent growth of the majestic and awe-inspiring Behemoth that is Beijing.

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View available jobs in China