Term-time Holiday Case Thrown Out

Magistrates have thrown out the case of a man who was taken to court for refusing to pay a £120 fine when he took his daughter on holiday. Under Section 444 of the Education Act, parents are required to ensure that their children attend school ‘regularly’ and the Jon Platt’s daughter had a 93.8% attendance record.

Mr Platt argued that his daughter got ‘great value and great experiences’ from the trip, and that Local Education Authorities should not be allowed to tell him what is right for his kids.

He continues to state that Local Education Authorities are attempting to use legislation that is intended to stop truancy to stop parents from taking their children on holiday.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education said that “Head teachers have the discretion to grant term time holiday in exceptional circumstances, as they always have. But it is a myth that missing school even for a short time is harmless to a child's education."

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